November 11th, 2013: The Nverian Royal Castle Town is invaded by anomalous marauders on cloaked steeds. Its citizens tremble in fear at their cause; to prepare Planet Earth for its New Empress, whose arrival is imminent.

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About this Game

When darkness looms over Planet Earth, otherworldly invaders speak of the arrival of a New Empress of Earth. 3 months remain, and one attempt remains to save humanity from the oncoming apocalypse.

Shortly after Alex Gazewarden is accepted as a Knight of the Nverian Kingdom, the royal castle town is stormed by ghostly invaders on dark steeds, resulting in the death of his mentor, his own father. When he teams up with town citizen and talented lance fighter Zoe Filnius, he uncovers the mystery behind the identity and intentions of the ghostly invaders.

Perihelion is a strategic tactical role-playing game, which plays similarly to various strategical board games. Lead Alex and his ever-growing army to victory by moving your Units across the field and instructing them to interact with allies and enemies alike. There are over 50 Units to recruit throughout Perihelion's multitude of story and side missions, and each one of them is unique!

Additional Content

The adventure continues in Perihelion's additional story content!
Upcoming story expansions include:

  • A side story consisting of five acts, revealing the identity of the Veiled Samurai, Mimoto.
  • A side story consisting of three acts, taking place on the Divine Cradle, the Isle of Averlorn.
  • Three side missions featuring a cast of recruitable interstellar bounty hunters.
  • Two side missions featuring two recruitable childhood friends, separated by a raging war.
  • Three side missions featuring a cast of recruitable vengeful rebels from the future.
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Title Perihelion
Categories Strategy, Role-Playing
Developer Waverush
Release Date November 21st, 2020


Audio and Text English, 日本語
Text Only 中文, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Pусский


Everyone 10 and Up Includes instances of: Fantasy Violence, Mild Language