Horizon's Arc

Horizon's Arc is a fast-paced tactical shooter where every step counts. Augment your cybernetic frame, grab your preferred weapons and launch into battle!

Horizon's Arc is in development.

Waverush Studios is still working on Horizon's Arc at this time. This store page describes the description of the game as it is in its current stage, meaning it can change greatly over the course of development. To follow the development of Horizon's Arc, visit the development blog .

About this Game

Merge yourself in the conflict of New Horizon in this exciting, fast-paced shooter. Horizon's Arc takes inspiration from both the arena deathmatches of old and the tactical teamplay of the new.

How to Play

You and four teammates take the role of the Starchasers or the Arcane. As the Starchasers, your goal is to strategically maneuvre towards a site and charge an EMP in an attempt to black out parts of the city of New Horizon. On the other end are the Arcane, a defense force sent in to stop the Starchasers in their tracks and protect the city.

Before the game begins, every player selects a Frame, which decides the Ultimate ability that they will be building up to. These range from global reveals to powerful long-range cannons, and can turn the tide of battle whenever they're ready. Divide roles and purchase Augmentations for your Frame to fulfill it.

Augments will aid in controlling sites, such as Smoke Shields and Fire Walls, or rule your mobility plan like Updrafts and the directional Dashes. Some weapons and items have incredible synergy, it's up to you to discover them!



Competitive games play out as a best of 30, meaning you can either tie and launch into Overtime, or clinch the game by completing 16 objectives!

Based on your performance, you obtain a rank, which is one of many factors used to improve your online matchmaking as you build your competitive career.


Classic adopts the same playstyle and objectives as Competitive, but economy is more forgiving, teams can converse with eachother through voice chat, and teams can hold up to 10 players! This is the place to go for casual matches and level up your weapon and item play.


In Deathmatch, up to 20 players are launched into a vast map to get as many eliminations possible within 10 minutes. Winning Deathmatch games warrants loads of experience and Pass Points!

Phase Passes

Every 6 months, Horizon's Arc enters a new Phase. Each Phase comes with a purchasable Phase Pass, which offers cosmetic rewards to players who collect points to fill out their Pass, including exclusive weapon and player skins, item activation video effects, music packs and voice lines!

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Title Horizon's Arc
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Developer Waverush Studios
Publisher leafal.io
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