Guardians: Ascension

Legends tell of a land called the Surface, far beyond the skies of Levier, resting on the treetops of Vi's Lance. When the kingdom is thought to be forsaken by the goddesses of life and creation, the fiery blade named Solvira speaks to Prince Alex.

Guardians: Ascension is in development.

Waverush Studios is still working on Guardians: Ascension at this time. This store page describes the description of the game as it is in its current stage, meaning it can change greatly over the course of development. To follow the development of Guardians: Ascension, visit the development blog .

About this Game

Legend tells of an elusive Hero who found the key to a new world hidden deep within a far-away cavern. As he raised the fiery Solvira, the voice of the Goddess of Life, Vi, called to him. He climbed Vi's Lance, the gigantic tree in the Kingdom's central forest, piercing through the heavens to a new world named the Surface. As he disappeared into the skies above, the Lance was sealed and the blade fell from the sky, casting the surrounding forest ablaze and leaving Levier in an endless state of decay.

As the giant branches of the Lance fall to the ground, Alex flees the capital to the legendary cavern, hoping to realize the legendary worlds and stories he would lose himself in growing up, and as he discovers the relic held within the cave, his dreams and nightmares unfold at once.

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Title Guardians: Ascension
Categories Open-World, Action, Adventure, Role-Playing
Developer Waverush Studios
Publisher leafal.io
Controller Support


Audio and Text English, 日本語
Text Only 中文, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Pусский