Lightyear Event: Windfall @ Café de Post, Midwoud

Welcome to the sixth edition of Lightyear Event, our biannual competitive LAN-party event. A day of friendship, rivalry and incredible gaming performances, featuring an array of e-sports competitions and the most competitive atmosphere you'll ever see at an event of its kind. A place where people from around the globe unite to put on a show, for the attendees and spectators at home.

The battle continues in a new decade, with the arrival of Lightyear Event: Windfall, on December 12th. Three competitions, up to 48 brave competitors, only one will take it all.

Lightyear Event: Windfall Events

Event Time
Opening Ceremony 11:00 AM CET
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 12:00 PM CET
Minecraft 4:00 PM CET
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 5:00 PM CET
Award Ceremony 8:30 PM CET

Our Competitor Safety Guidelines

Lightyear Event: Windfall Tickets

Windfall Competitor's Pass

  • Access to venue from 9 AM CET.
  • Access to all competitions.
  • FREE access reserved spot for PC setup.
Available for €10,- at!

Windfall Spectator's Pass

  • Access to venue from 11 AM CET.
  • Viewing access to all competitions.
No longer available due to COVID-19 guidelines.


  • Respect other participants, they're people too.
  • Delivery of food to the venue is PROHIBITED. Visit the café or other nearby restaurants.
  • Event staff's decisions are always final.
  • Be careful with stuff that isn't yours, you will be held accountable if you do.
  • Don't be overly and unnecessarily disruptive. Pop-offs and shouts are fine, but don't cause a commotion.
  • Don't try to or hint at belittlement of someone else or a group of people. This includes deformations of slurs.
  • Don't throw things.
  • Don't fight.


The wonderful folks that run Café de Post in Midwoud have allowed us to host Lightyear Event in their Concert Hall for 2 years now. We personally love the location, and would like to be able to host events here for the foreseeable future. This is why we've prohibited delivery of food to the venue directly, to respect the café owners. You are allowed to pick up food at another location and bring it back to the venue, though.

The Café is rated 4.2 stars on Google, and serves a great variety of meals and drinks, so feel free to order something there if you feel like it.

Directions can be found on Google Maps.

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