Blatant Scam?

This entire website seems incredibly fishy. Is this some kind of unfinished project, or a really obvious scam? Either way, so far, I'm very unimpressed.

1 month ago

Hiya, thanks for your feedback!

I'm Morgan, I'm basically in charge of this whole thing as of now. The website itself is being constantly worked on, hope it's visually pleasing at least! As of right now, it does not yet serve a purpose beyond being a gateway towards pages for esports events we host, and having a little social network going on through our Community section.

I'm currently working on the first game, Horizon's Arc, with a group of friends and online acquaintances. will serve as a video game platform, where we will sell games from our own studios and partners, and support online features through our network.

As for your original question, is not a scam, however I understand that it might seem a bit... odd. It simply doesn't have anything to offer yet, because video games take quite some time to make, much longer than websites. We're hard at work, and I hope we'll see you around in-game!

Greets, Morgan.

1 month ago